I’m Tired

Its been a long time since I dreamily typed away about what was on my mind. A lot has happened since I last wrote about living kind! Its been a CRAZY couple of months, but some of the most beautiful moments of my life have happened since then.

Two days after my last post, I started this lovely thing called prodormal labor. It ended up being ten (YES, 10!) days of labor with #3. I was a miserable (literally could not form sentences from exhaustion and pain) hot mess until I saw Dr. Raders, my chiropractor, on Day 8. Two days after Dr. Raders worked his magic with the Webster method, I finally gave birth to our sweet little (8lb 12 oz!) guy, C, on a Monday evening at 9:09pm. It was a tough labor but fast, and C and I quickly fell in love and have been making dreamy eyes at each other ever since. S and B have adjusted well and are just as smitten with our sweet littlest love.

We’ve had our days and our moments, but now that that the smoke has cleared, I am confident in saying that the transition from two to three has been exponentially easier on me than from one to two. I had been terrified of having the same postpartum experience that I had after B, and so far, we have had a fairly steady existence. Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been a walk in the park, but it also hasn’t been the shit show I was expecting.

Once again, the world reminded me that love is exponential, and it just grows and grows. C is a particular baby, but when mama picks that boy up, his world is perfect. I am trying to savor every moment with C, and its just magical to be a third time mom. I’m still learning, which is crazy to me. It reminds me that the days are long but the years are short. I looked at B the other day, and he is a little boy. Not my baby. And a little part of my inner self cried. My baby is growing like a weed! And S, bless her heart, is so grown up. I talk to her like she is way beyond 3.5. She does big sister things that I never dreamed she would be able to do when C came along.

Before I leave you with some of what I have learned over the last few weeks, I leave you with a story to hopefully warm your heart: (or make you gag. Either way.)

A few nights ago, C was losing his mind because he had a horrible cold. (#thirdkid #amiright) The whole house could sense my stress level and I was the only parent home. S wanted to help, so without prompting, she decided to help get B ready for bed. Only hang up was that B had a gigantic, gross poop in his diaper. I came out to a loft full of skid marks and poop with S chasing B with a pack of wipes screaming “I need to wipe you, B!” Bless her 3.5 year old little heart. She was going to wipe his poop filled butt. (even though he wiped it all over the carpet). Can you imagine her thought processes? Thank you, ETC preschool for giving her the skills and drive to want to finish a project from start to finish, no matter what obstacles are in her way. This. Is. Three. Kids.

So far, as a mom to three under four, I have learned:

-Ask for help. I’ve said this before many times, but I wouldn’t be here without some very helpful friends. I was terrified of walking down the PPD carpet again, and because I held my tribe close, I have been able to navigate postpartum much better this time around.

-Laugh at the big stuff. Even the poop on your carpet. Because it won’t cry with you, but there’s a chance someone may laugh with you about everything that happens.

-Embrace the present. C is like a super solid infant now. The newborn days fly by, and I truly feel like I embraced his early days well.

-Do laundry often. I say this because I feel like I need to remember this more. 🙂

-Keep loving life. No matter how many times you get puked on, pooped on, or whatever gets everywhere. We only have one life to live.

-Oh, and coffee. Drink all the coffee.

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Living Kind

I was raised in what I would describe as a kind household. Growing up, my mom was (and still is) a pioneer of the volunteer world. Her and my aunts fashioned fundraisers from the ground up and were at one point featured in Glamour Magazine for their endless work on giving Christmases to the less fortunate through the Box Project. The eight of us cousins lived it on the day to day as we shuffled places with our moms and watched them live kind. My mom still spends her time volunteering for Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation. She essentially gives them a gift each month that in turn fulfills her drive to live kind. 

I spent 10 years in the education world. That land is a place where kindness is expected. Human capital is the most important capital that we have in this world, so it is no wonder that my decade in public education was spent planning service projects and whatnot. Its in my blood. 

I learned over my 30 some odd years (who’s counting) on this planet that recycling is important. (My mom had us go to the recycling plant to drop our stuff off before it was a thing). I learned that you get back what you throw into the world. (I worked tirelessly on heart health philanthropy for 10 years before my own child was diagnosed with a heart defect and in turn I was gifted the absolute best team of doctors to care for my little man). I learned that belief and getting people to believe in your cause is 80% of the battle, the other 20% is hard, honest work. (I built a business that I needed all of the belief I could get). I learned that love always wins. (No matter what, remember why you are here- because someone loved you enough to watch you grow and become who you are).

As a business owner, I had no idea that the concept of living kind would translate to my business. But it does. Daily. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of the people who have helped me grow professionally while believing in my dream. I am gracious and in turn, I like to pay it forward. When I love something, I talk about it. Because that is what kind is. That is what makes life in a small but big world run. 

Over the past 27 months, I have developed some relationships with the most kind people on this planet. The other day, one of these wonderful souls shot me an email to tell me that I am a kind person and my heart sang. This is what life is about. Being kind, gracious, and enjoying the small things in life. I never once doubted myself when I took my career leap of faith. I BELIEVED that I was going to do what I am doing today. I still do. And I believe in others. Humans are so intricate, yet simple in the same right. We need love, smiles, hugs, and belief. And that is what I have to give. Because so many people have given me that throughout my journey through life. 

One of the best parts of parenting for me thus far has been teaching my children how to live kind. How to believe in others, look at others with belief, and be gracious in living are all things that they have never been too young to learn. B is polite and kind by nature. (I married another kind soul) S is a lover and a believer and she knows that she is awesome. And I pray that it always stays that way.

Even earlier today, when I was explaining to S why her doggie smelled bad from being skunked, she asked me if the skunk was ok. (I may or may have not told her that he argued with a skunk and the skunk told him off with his spray because #threeyearoldlifelessons)

The universe has a way of making that kind go around, and I sure am glad that it does. Kind boomerangs and so does belief. I am happy to share my love of all things local, kind, amazing, and gracious. And most of all, I love seeing my kids follow along the path of living kind. Maybe its the raging pregnancy hormones, but this is one sweet world that I am so grateful I live in. 

As a final thought or two: 

Always love.

Believe in humans.

Boomerang the world with positivity. 


Live Kind. 

 My little Kind Humans, S and B. 
My little Kind Humans, S and B.