Holiday Hangover

Holidays with one kid seemed hard. It was not. Holidays with a toddler and a newborn was hard. It was not. Holidays with 2 toddlers was hard. But magical. It felt like an actual season as opposed to something I was rushing through. I learned a lot about the spirit I thought I lost years ago this holiday season, and I certainly learned a lot about what I need to get through the holidays healthy and happy. 

I NEED to workout. The whole house is happier when this lady is active. Cat and dogs included. Not only do I need to workout, but I need to do it WITH people that I love. My soul sisters make it a heck of a lot easier to push myself and enjoy the ride…. er…. run… er… whatever it is. 

I NEED to connect with I (hubs). We need to date each other. Which is super hard. But we figured it out pretty well. A while back, on a whim (Thanks to aforementioned soul sister S), I bought my husband a record player for our anniversary. Truthfully, I still don’t love the idea of I spending $14 on a record when we have spotify and amazon music butttttt it has given us a chance to connect. I plop down with him in our “record room” (dining room), some candles, and a bottle (box) of wine. That is my perfect date night. We connect, talk, and enjoy each other. 

I NEED my soul sisters. They (namely J) let me vent like a crazy lady all day long. And thank god for that. 18 months ago, I was a lost not-so-new mom in suburbia. I didn’t have my tribe. But I found them. And I am loving them HARD. How I found (made) my tribe is a whole other 3826 posts, but I can’t imagine life without these beautiful souls and their kiddos who I love like my own. Yesterday, I was with some of them, and when I saw C and A’s kiddos, it was like I was picking my own kid up from preschool for the first time. C’s son hugged me for a good 5 minutes and all was right in the world. 

Onto 2018 with #allofthethings. We will start with fingers crossed that SS (my 2 year old) starts using the big potty for poop so that I can stop barfing while essentially cleaning poop filled tupperware while trying to relay that it was still a “good job”. Other goals for 2018: Date, Love, and LIVE my dream. 

Virgin Blog post. #thatswhatshesaid

Here it is. My first blog post. hmmm…. I have a thousand things and topics to talk about and none of them seem quite right for a first post. Should I talk about liquids? (my blog is basically named after all liquids…) Should I talk about my kids? (nah. they speak for themselves. And they are cute. Really freaking cute.) Should I talk about what I cooked today? (also probably not- my house still smells like slightly overcooked fish…) 

So, here’s me. I am a 30something someone who loves a good glass of wine, the idea of reading books that mean something (I havent read a book in way longer than I would care to admit), coffee, and leggings. Like athletic ones- the more compression the better. I am a wife, mom, dog and cat mom, entrepreneur, friend, aunt, and home decorator. I feel like I have been blogging in my head for my entire life, and now it needs to be a part of my story. (not just the autobiography I play in my head.) 

I spent my childhood trying my darndest to make everyone happy, my teenhood making a name for myself, and my young adulthood drinking and dating my way through Chicago. Legit. I got married to my bestie at 30, preggers with S at the Vegas wedding (#whathappensinvegasdoesntalwaysstaythere), preggers with B at 32, and spent 2017 trying my hardest to not get pregnant. It worked. Thank god. I started a small business when I was -1 day pregnant with B. Nothing like franchising a company the day before you pee on a stick. No stress there. #amiright?

I worked in education for 10 years and never truly loved it. I mean, I liked it and all, but I always had something to complain about. (which is probably part of why I was single until I met my hubs). I love what I do now. I am a hot mess most days (at best), and I don’t wash my hair (that I just chopped off) as much as I should. I miss my kids when they sleep but cant wait until bedtime. 

Did I mention that I love wine, coffee, and workouts? Because I do. I love my soul sisters more than that and rely on them often. Sometimes for the said coffee, wine, and workouts. Enjoy the blog, and check back to see where this crazy life takes me!