Diaper Changes and Buuuubs

B has hit the age where the gagging for poops has gotten really bad. What is it about the age of 2.5 that makes them start to smell like a barn? When S was this age, we were potty training and I was gagging at the mere thought of poop in the dreaded tupperware container-esque potty. It’s got to be the increase in protein or something in their diet, because I swear, his poop wasn’t terrible until recently.

We went to target when we had their 20% off coupon, and of course he chose the paw patrol potty. We brought it home, and I’ll be damned, the kid took his diaper off, sat on that potty, and peed right into it. Like, “no big deal, mom”. Then he did it again. And again. And then he peed onto the fireplace. And the floor. And he suddenly had full access to his junk. And I decided to put the potty away. C is high needs at the moment with his reflux and colic and I highly don’t need more needs right now. But you have to start somewhere, right?

We will revisit this idea soon, but in the mean time, I am buuuub deep in nursing the little, feeding the bigs, and praying to the sleep gods for some much needed rest. Which, by the way, S calls my breasts buuuuubs. She really annunciates the uuuuuu part which is too funny. And B has started to say that as he mimics me feeding his brother with his spider man and paw patrol toys. These kids don’t bat an eyelash at breastfeeding, and I couldn’t be more proud- I mean the buuuuuubs did feed them all for part of their lives. (And now they eat cheese puffs off the floor regularly which is a whole separate post)

I’m thinking that Spring or Summer will be when we give B another shot at the potty. Until then, I spend my days praying that he will poop right before hubs gets home so I can ask for help with the atomic poops. Part of me is dreading the tupperware poop phase, but a part of me wants B to be a baby just a bit longer. I feel like his babyhood flew by and I don’t want to say goodbye to anymore of my sweet little thing’s babyhood. Sidenote: I put him on his changer table today and his legs are about 10 inches too long.

Until Spring (or whenever we decide that its time), here is what I know about #momlife of my three little unicorns:

-Time is short, play on the floor. Even if it covers your yoga pants in dog hair,

-Toddler poop would be the worst bean-boozled ever.

-Embrace babyhood– even the stinky parts.

-Live in the middle page. This idea was read to me during a meditation, and it is so true…. live in the present… the middle page. The now. Embrace it. The next page will come regardless and the previous page was already lived in. img_4046

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