Dreaming About Good Footprints

Today, S woke up and saw the snow. She immediately asked me if it was Christmas. My heart sunk as I realized that someday, not only will I have to have the difficult conversations about the birds and the bees, but I will also have to tell my kids the story of how we are ruining our earth and other things that are difficult to swallow. I told her calmly No, sweetie, it is climate change. Because that’s what it is. We are failing our habitat. 

When B was 4 weeks old, I went to vote. It was crappy out. I had a wild 18 month old and a newborn with me. The line was 3 hours long at the first poll. I HAD to vote. I LOVE voting. A sympathetic woman helped me carry my things the 3 blocks from where I (illegally) parked. When we reached the line, the attendant took one look at my hot mess self and told me to try the courthouse because it was going to be several hours. S was having none of it, and I was struggling. So off I went to the alternative polling place. I walked another 3 blocks to get inside, unloaded my kids through 2 metal detectors, and hiked up 2 flights of (thank god) escalators. The line was much shorter. We walked out after the vote and had a nice temper tantrum and screech for boob on the walk back to the car. I cried. For many reasons. I was overwhelmed and sweating. My babies were hungry. I was going to get to tell them about my voting experience one day. I was proud. I was sad. Later that day, I would tell hubs that my voice was not heard as a crocodile tear dripped into my much needed wine. 

Back to this morning. I got super sad as we approach Earth Day (also S’s bday) when the notion of climate change is so evident. I am part of the problem. Sure, I try to do my best to keep track of my wastefulness, but convenience has taken me over. I use wipes more than a person should admit. I toss out more diapers than I should also admit. And yet, I cried the day I felt like my little voice wasn’t heard when I voted. But here I am, watching the EARTH tell me that my voice is most certainly heard. I punch her each time I toss a wipe and a coffee cup. I am a part of the problem as I sit here typing around my empty disposable coffee cup. 

So, this year in honor of my #freespirit / #flowerchild Earth Day baby, I am going to do the following because I know my my carbon footprint is heard: 

-No more coffee in disposable cups. Bring one, or home brew. Sidenote: This will solve my Starbucks problem. I hope. Who am I kidding. Coffee is life. 

-Crank that thermostat to just a couple degrees off of what I consider “total comfort”. 

-Walk more, drive less (ok, I need to get some cooperation from the lady I am trying to help here- this snow has got to stop!)

-Use less wipes. Towels work just fine. Sure, baby wipes are the swiss army knife of parenting, but I can do without using them for every. last. thing. 

-Shower for less time … oh wait. I am a mom. I don’t get to shower enough. I’m good there. #problemsolved

-TEACH my kids that we DO have a voice and a footprint. We are the future of this great world. Recycle. Be resourceful. Vote. Do all the things that make the good footprints. 

 Finn kiddos using reusable cups. 
Finn kiddos using reusable cups. 

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