Carb Loading and Other Parent Hacks

B hasn’t slept through the night in almost 6 weeks. We are talking newborn style wake-ups to no avail. I’m tired. He’s tired. He goes down like a ton of bricks at night, but two, yes TWO times per night (or more), he is up screaming. Teeth? Growth Spurt? Little dude has ONE tooth at almost 16 months old. One freaking tooth. Its been like this for 2 months now. A single bottom tooth. Thats it. But he eats #allthethings like he has a full set. Its kind of funny… he always has his mouth open and just looks like a big old baby running around with his gums hanging out. He eats like a beast all day until dinner when he is so tired. He eats, but not like the beast that I see all day long munching on cheese, lunchmeat, apples, cheddar bunnies, and yogurt. (That one tooth is like a super tooth!)

When B was 4 months old, the sleep regression hit him HARD. He was a mess. I tried everything. We ended up finding some relief in what we called the ‘Turducken’. We took B, put him in jammies, then into a zipadee zip, and finally into a nested bean sleep sack. He ended up in the turducken for about 4 months when we ditched the nested bean, and finally the zipadee zip 4 months after that. So to say the least, there is a delicate balance in what soothes him. 

Four nights ago, we started carb loading him. Like I’m talking a bowl of mac and cheese before bed. It worked. Unconventional? Yes, totally. But EFFECTIVE. Poor B must have been waking up hungry like a newborn  due to growing like a weed plus the world’s strongest teeth joining us within the next 4 calendar years. The last 4 nights, we have loaded that kid with #allthecarbs before bed, and what do you know? Everyone is sleeping until the morning. Parent hack? Totally gross? A fluke? DON’T CARE. Mama is getting her rest and B is sleeping well. 

Earlier today, our wonderful nanny was here and B has been having some really significant separation anxiety from me. He does this with anyone and everyone. He WAILS. (Meanwhile S wakes up and asks first thing if it is a preschool or a Miss M day– gee, good to see you too, sweet girl- can’t wait to not spend the day with you too. Sad face.) I even look at my shoes or coat and he knows! I left today and teared up in the car knowing B was so sad. I also felt awful leaving M with that mess. But I had to. Thank goodness a few minutes later, I got a text from M with a picture that showed my happy baby boy once again. 

The problem about working from home is that instances like this make transitioning from being in the field to back in the home office REALLY hard. Hard on the kids. Hard on M. Hard on me. Enter parent hack- when I pulled onto our street, I text M that I was pulling in soon. She corralled my feral kitten like children upstairs and I snuck into my office unnoticed while shushing the dogs and trying to walk with grace across the floor. I may or may have not cursed out my creaky office door when I went to close it. No kids noticed. Whew. Thank goodness. I call that a GENIUS parent/nanny hack. 

We all do it as parents. We army crawl out of the baby’s room in hopes that they don’t notice that we have left. We pull one arm out of the swaddle sack in hopes that they don’t notice their straightjacket is unhinged. We sneak medicine into that delicious chocolate syrup treat. We put bandaids on non-existent boo-boos. We give them enough snacks for 3 days on a 45 minute car ride. We load our kid with mac and cheese just before bed. Oh wait. Maybe not all of us do the mac and cheese. The important part is that we do it all out of love for these little humans- we need these sweet littles to be happy, healthy and sleeping well. What parent hacks do you use? 

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