Holiday Hangover

Holidays with one kid seemed hard. It was not. Holidays with a toddler and a newborn was hard. It was not. Holidays with 2 toddlers was hard. But magical. It felt like an actual season as opposed to something I was rushing through. I learned a lot about the spirit I thought I lost years ago this holiday season, and I certainly learned a lot about what I need to get through the holidays healthy and happy. 

I NEED to workout. The whole house is happier when this lady is active. Cat and dogs included. Not only do I need to workout, but I need to do it WITH people that I love. My soul sisters make it a heck of a lot easier to push myself and enjoy the ride…. er…. run… er… whatever it is. 

I NEED to connect with I (hubs). We need to date each other. Which is super hard. But we figured it out pretty well. A while back, on a whim (Thanks to aforementioned soul sister S), I bought my husband a record player for our anniversary. Truthfully, I still don’t love the idea of I spending $14 on a record when we have spotify and amazon music butttttt it has given us a chance to connect. I plop down with him in our “record room” (dining room), some candles, and a bottle (box) of wine. That is my perfect date night. We connect, talk, and enjoy each other. 

I NEED my soul sisters. They (namely J) let me vent like a crazy lady all day long. And thank god for that. 18 months ago, I was a lost not-so-new mom in suburbia. I didn’t have my tribe. But I found them. And I am loving them HARD. How I found (made) my tribe is a whole other 3826 posts, but I can’t imagine life without these beautiful souls and their kiddos who I love like my own. Yesterday, I was with some of them, and when I saw C and A’s kiddos, it was like I was picking my own kid up from preschool for the first time. C’s son hugged me for a good 5 minutes and all was right in the world. 

Onto 2018 with #allofthethings. We will start with fingers crossed that SS (my 2 year old) starts using the big potty for poop so that I can stop barfing while essentially cleaning poop filled tupperware while trying to relay that it was still a “good job”. Other goals for 2018: Date, Love, and LIVE my dream. 

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